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That's Right!!   "That is a guarantee from one of the leading I.T service providers in Uganda. We offer total commitment to advanced systems,  logistics, consultation, procurement, security, installation and maintaining computers, cameras, access control systems, networks, IOT devices, AI, ML,  LANs, WANs, and servers. We are seasoned professionals with vast engineering experience in concept, design, integration, installation, operation, and maintenance. The scope of our innovative network engineering solutions encompasses everything, whether the need stems from a single department or small business to a complete enterprise-wide network"


Network Engineering.

LAN, WAN, Ai, ML, Cloud, R&S

Customers should turn to us for all their network engineering needs, with total confidence in the company’s expertise in managing distributed enterprise networks at optimum performance, maintaining them with maximum reliability, and operating them at minimum cost. From laying CAT 7 cables to consultancy and cloud services we are your esteemed service providers.

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Durability. Diligence. Versatility. Reliability

Our Services. 

We deal in procurement, installation, repair and maintenance of:


Laptops & Desktops

We always have in stock assorted refurbished and brand new laptops, CPUs, monitors, servers, touchscreen android computers ranging from dual cores, i3, i5, i7 & i9 processors from the best manufacturers worldwide including Dell, HP, Sony, Apple, Toshiba and Samsung.

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Routers & Switches

4G, 5G & enterprise routers and switches from Cisco, Asus, NetGear, Ubiquiti, Juniper, Arista and Huawei. All in stock and come with free configurations for our esteemed clients.

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Printers & Scanners

Epson, Dell, Brother, Dell and many more printer brands in store and at your service whenever needed for the best office or home working experience.

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Durability. Diligence. Versatility. Reliability

Our Services. 

We deal in procurement, installation, repair and maintenance of:



We protect your network using VPN and IPsec-secured connections, appropriate internal security and firewall security to minimize unauthorized outside user access. We commit to helping  you select an appropriate, cost-effective solution to meet your internet, bandwidth and security needs.

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Remote Access Services

Today's business environment often requires you and your employees to access you network remotely from home or on the road. We will enable you to remotely access your network using technologies such as dial-up, VPN, and web-based options.

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Epson, Dell and many more projector brands feel right at home with us and our lovely clients. They are high end devices that are meant for our esteemed customers. We have them stocked up and ready for installation.

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